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800-678-0770|Turlock Plumbing|Innovation Plumbing Services

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We are a complete plumbing shop on wheels.  Our large vans are stocked with the tools and parts to get the job done fast and effecient.  If you have a leak under the concrete or in your wall we use state of the art leak detection and  video equipment to locate and diagnose the problem.  If you have a problem with your sewer pipe continually backing up.  We have video equipment that will travel through your drain system and find the problem.

Electronic leak detection – Using our electronic leak detection equipment, we can

find and repair leaks under concrete foundations.

Micro explorer Camera – The camera is inserted into the wall through a hole the

diameter of a nickel. The camera takes picture and video of the problem, downloads

the video onto an SD card which can be sent to you.

Pipe and utility locator – We can send a signal through the pipe that is leaking under

the concrete and find out its exact location, keeping damages to a minimum. We can

also find gas and electric utilities going into the home to prevent damage to the utilities

when digging up leaking pipes around the home.

Contact us for leak detection,

inspection, reports, complete with

pictures and recommendations.

Along with estimates for repair.

Sewer and Drain inspection camera – If a backup occurs in the home due to an

overflow from the drain and sewer system, we have a camera that will travel through

the drain system recording it findings as it goes. The camera can inspect 11/2 –

4” drain and sewer pipes. It has a built in transmitter that will throw a radio signal out

which will be picked up by our handheld receiver giving us the exact location and

depth of the problem area of pipe.

We are not only a leak detection company; we are a licensed Plumbing Company that

will provide you estimates and repairs for you and your clients. We will provide you

with a comprehensive report customized to your particular needs.

There is no substitute for 30 years of leak detection and plumbing experience.

Innovation plumbing services – directly to my phone during the day, for immediate

response innovate6609@gmail.com these phone numbers relay directly to my cell

phone during the day for quick response 800-678-0770 209-883-2811

209-404-5051 fax 209-883-2411 office e mail innovation@charter.net

Visit our website ; innovationplumbing.com

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