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A Legacy Commited To Innovation

Est. 1991

Bill Tomasetti and his son, Andrew, come from a long line of entrepreneurs who work with their hands.

Great Grandpa Dominique Tomasetti emigrated to the United States from Italy and started his own pizza restaurant in Queens, New York, while his wife started her own seamstress business. When the family moved to California, they moved their pizza restaurant with them.

Bill chose to go his own route and become a plumber who put an emphasis on cutting edge methods and treating customers like family.

Some of Andrew's earliest memories were driving around in his dads little Toyota pickup with handmade flyers, going door-to-door advertising Innovation Plumbing.

They've come a long way from those days, growing their business to serve companies, families, and everyone in between.

We treat our customers like they're members of our family.

I want to treat every person I come in contact with as if they're my brother, sister, mother, or grandmother. I want to put that level of care on every person, and add value to them as much as we can.

It's not about us. Yes, you need my service and yes, we have to make money to operate the business, but we want to add as much value to you in that process as possible.

- Andrew Tomasetti

Company Mission

The Innovation Pluming Pledge

Our highest value is to evolve and innovate to offer the best service.

We fulfill this value with our outstanding warrantees, responsive customer service, large service area, and commitment to offering the most skilled plumbing services in California.

Why Choose Us

We're not the only plumbing and leak detection service on the block. But we do strive to be the best.

  • Locally family owned and operated
  • Professional, Licensed Plumbers​
  • Affordable Prices​
  • No Hidden Costs​

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